Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Apple Picking & a Finished Barn (almost)

My parents came to visit & we went apple picking. We went to two different orchards this year. We bought apples & cider & cider donuts & pears. It was a beautiful day.

Dad using an apple picker.

They had a live blue grass band & a strolling puppeteer.

The foliage was at it's peak.

So. The barn is just about finished. It is usable but just needs some finishing work done. This is not the final doorway. It will be bigger when we tuck it in around the door frame; then I can use the overhead steel door. It's really big!

We were able to go get pen panels & install them to separate the hay. The installation was perfect because we had left over hardware from the barn that worked perfectly to attach the panels to the hoops. Hopefully we can move the hay in this Sunday. Yahoo!!! No more messing with that pain in the butt hay tarp! Although it has served its purpose, it didn't do it's job so well last year. The water leaked through a lot.

We were surprised how light it was inside on an overcast day. The skylight really does let plenty of light in. We moved the alpacas hay feeder inside & tonight we moved one of the bunny hutches in. The big HEAVY bunny hutch will have to wait for another day. We've got to figure out how to attach the alpaca grain dishes to the pen panel. So soon, everything & everyone will be inside.

I've been bringing in totes of maple leaves for the alpacas to eat. They like them. I dumped several totes full on the floor tonight so they could lay & roll in them. They love that since they rarely have any tall grass to roll in which they also love.

This was my new little sugar maple tree about a week or more ago. I am so happy with it, it turned beautiful shades of orange which gave a nice splash of color to our back yard. I will enjoy watching it grow.