Monday, November 24, 2008

Mish Mosh Monday

I almost forgot to take pictures of my handwoven waffle weave towels after they were all finished & bundled with a bar of my handmade soap, all ready for sale. I had already sold 3 so these are the other 5. I am anxious to get more done over the next year for the next holiday season's craft fairs. They make wonderful gifts. All handmade & made in Maine.

Here is a current pic of the baby dove. They grow unbelievable fast. It is about 2 weeks old here I think. It is already sitting up on the edge of the nest box & the parents aren't sitting on him/her so much even though it's been REALLY cold here lately. We don't know how to tell male from female doves. We just wait & see if they lay eggs or not. :o)

We got my BIG bunny hutch moved in the new barn this weekend. I was so glad to get that done. I was having to hold a flashlight & try to pour grain & change water & it was just a big pain in the a$$.

I keep thinking about what I would like to do when my job ends next March. I really would like to start my own business but man that's scary when you've always had a steady paycheck & benefits. I just don't know. At least I've got some time to think about it.

We went to LL Bean this weekend so I could get some new shoes. I ended up not buying anything & hubby who was just along for the ride ended up buying shoes. It was kinda funny, I made the special trip to LL Bean with the intention of buying their closed back clogs because they were cheaper than the Dansko & I figured just as good. As I was walking around in them to see how they felt, this woman jumped up from trying on her shoes & wispered in my ear, "Don't buy those, buy the Dansko." I was kinda on the fence about the Bean ones because there was a piece that was hard & kinda hurt my foot. So I decided to spend the extra & get the Dansko ones. Luckily, JL Coombs was down the street so I went home very happy with my new Dansko closed back clogs.

Sadie & Oreo are making sure that Ben eats all of his supper & they won't have to clean up after him. Oreo will stick his head in every now & then & steal a kibble. Sadie will wait (she' been trained well) & wash the bowl when Ben is all done. Sadie's a good dish washer.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bad News

Well, last week I missed a few days of work because of a migraine. Monday morning when I returned to work I found out that I missed a very important meeting Friday. All of our accounting department is being moved to Tampa, FL. I was in shock the whole day. I was perfectly happy where I was & don't want to have to start all over again someplace else,....low man on the totem pole, too. But, since there is nothing I can do about it, I'll have to look at it as maybe it will be a good thing. I might have to go into another field if I can't find a job doing the same thing. The catch is, I have until the end of March 2009 (some have only until December 31, 2008) & if I don't stay until they no longer need me, I loose my serverance pay. I want that severance! I've been there almost 10 years & I feel I deserve it. (and I was about to get 4 weeks of vacation!) Well, nothing I can do about it. I just hope I find a job I will like & be just as happy in & that it comes along the beginning of April! It's scary to think of going without medical coverage. COBRA cost an arm & a leg & Dirigo Health is closed to new clients. Of course, my husband is self employed so the weight is on me to provide health insureance. Great economy to be losing your job in.

Well, enough of that. Casey says "Aw, don't worry about it, just kick back & take life easy like I do. Worrying won't fix it."

We have a new baby dove. My husband wants white babies but this one is going to be Gray. It's about a week old here.