Monday, July 5, 2010

Crawford Notch, White Mountains, NH

Yes, I'm back after a long reprieve. Just busy with things & our computer died.

So hubby & I took a few days vacation at Crawford Notch in the New Hampshire White Mountains. Here is a view of the notch.

Across the road from that view is Silver Cascade.

And in the parking lot from that same view of the notch was a sign that said something like "Dull Pond".......I can't remember the exact name.........we followed the path & came to this little gem in the forest.

We hiked up to Ripley Falls.

Sadie taking a rest at Ripley Falls. We were all out of shape as it was only the second hike we've taken this season. (Forgot the camera on the last one......views weren't as grand as there was a heavy haze from the forest fires in Quebec.)

The next day we took a gondola ride to the top of Wildcat Mountain. Below is a view from the top with Mt. Washington behind us.

We checked out a section of the Appalachian Trail which runs over the top of Wildcat Mountain.
It's very interesting to check out the trees & plant life as the elevation changes. Notice the short trees & haggard looking trees. (They look shorter in person.)

This is called Elephant Head. Do you see the giant elephant coming out of the forest? We kayaked in the little pond next to it & then hiked to the top of Elephant Head.