Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

Well, last Friday night we had a big snowstorm & yesterday we had another even bigger one, one of our famous "Nor' Easters". I think I'm having de'javue.........wasn't it just last winter that we had a snow storm every couple of days, literally, all winter long? Call me paranoid, but I think this winter is off to a good start of following last winter's storm pattern. I think we have enough now. We don't need any more at our house. If someone delivers more to our house, I'm going to return it. Don't get me wrong, I like winter...... but....... snowblowing, shoveling & roof raking every couple of days is dang tiring!

The 'pacas were all snug in their barn.

We were snug in the house with all our beautiful Christmas decorations.

Then when the first storm was over, Dreamy was the first to venture out & check out the new blanket of snow.

Then Christopher had a roll in the fresh white stuff, then back in side for a taste of hay.

.......and we have 2 more baby doves from the same pair that just had a baby. The white dove feeding the babes is the father. The gray one on the left is their sibling that I posted baby pics of a few posts back. Yup, that's him/her......all growed up! Two days ago, I peeked in on them. My husband had taken the father on a magic show. The mother (who is gray) needed to eat & drink but Papa was not home. So older brother/sister actually babysat while Mama got off them to replenish herself! I couldn't believe it! It was so cool to watch!