Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Christmas Ornament Exchange

I feel very badly I have not posted about this yet. Back in February I participated in a Christmas Ornament Exchange thru TylerFarm Homestead. I have not yet posted a pic of the wonderful ornament that I received. Kristi from Harvest Thyme Homestead sent me this cute little snowman on skis. She got it from her favorite Amish store in her region in Ohio. And I love the sheep card, too! Thank you again Kristi & I apologize for not blogging on this back in March!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Haven't Forgotten About My Blog

My new alpaca Robin was not allowed to eat from the hay feeder for quite a while. Only a couple others were the mean ones who would not allow him & then eventually it was just Christopher. Christopher beat up on him terrible for several weeks. I had to put a tote near the door where he would stand & watch everyone else eating. It was pitiful. A couple of them wouldn't even let him come in the barn so he would just stand in the doorway & watch them all eat & he would lay down there & hope to be accepted. Here he is eating from his own private tote of hay. I eventually added a second smaller hay feeder just for him & things were much better. None of them minded eating with him out of that one. And!....tonight for the first time, he was eating out of the blue hay feeder after grain time & Christopher came over & ate too & didn't drive him away! Then Robin went over to his own feeder (I call it his feeder but the others eat out of it too) & Christopher eventually went over & ate out of that one with him. I'm glad it all eventually worked out. Took a while though. Boy, he doesn't let himself get pushed out of grain time though. He always (now, not in the beginning) gets the first, second or third dish of grain.

I had them sheared a week ago. My friend Jan came over to help.

Dreamy was the first to get "de-fleeced".

I wanted to get more pics of shearing day but this was the only one I got.

I had some fun taking pics a few weeks ago of my flowers.


Bleeding Heart


And this was our flowering crab this year.

The bees were aaallllllll over it.

That's all I have for now. Just a quick update since I haven't posted for a while.