Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fryeburg Fair & Draft Horses

I went to the Fryeburg Fair this week. We had good weather for the most part of the fair week. I went & watched the draft horses pulling their wagons. It is a sight to see that I just love to watch. I love these dapple gray Percherons.

I chatted a bit with a gentleman next to me who was from Oklahoma. He and his wife had come out to the Fryeburg Fair because they had seen Oxen pulls listed. So they came out to see that & were surprised and treated to the draft horses pulling their wagons. He said they don't have that event out in the midwest. He said most of the horses are light horses that are ridden & that they don't have a lot of draft horses. I found that interesting.
I also was invited by one of the women who owned some of the draft ponies to come take driving lessons from her husband. Oh, the temptation! Someday...when I have more time!

This beautiful team of Percherons was from Sennett, New York. They won first place in the 8 horse hitch. They did work very nicely together.

These were also Percherons from Hi Lo Farm from Springfield, Vermont.

These draft ponies were really beautiful & they also worked very well together.

Oxen being taken for a walk.

Being scrubbed down for his show.

I went to see Jamey Johnson in concert Saturday night. It was a good concert, I like his singing. It was pretty cool when he sang "In Color" & the whole audience sang every single word to the song & drowned him out. He also sang "Give It Away" which he wrote but George Strait sings. I like Jamey singing it much better. It just fits his voice & persona much better.

I also bought some beautifully dyed Finn/Romney roving from Lisa of Rolling Knolls Farm. I love browns & the color was so beautiful I had to get it. Here it is spun singles just waiting for my to ply it. Like I don't already have enough of my own fiber to spin......well, it's always fun to try different fibers & colors.

I also bought some purple roving from her. Can't wait to spin this up, too!