Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weaving More Overshot

The current project on my loom is cotton kitchen hand towels with a band of overshot pattern on each end in pearle cotton. I love how they are coming out. The pearle cotton really makes the overshot pop out with a bit of sheen. These pictures don't do them justice. I will sell these at my Holiday shows this November bundled with a bar of my handmade soap. They make a wonderful gift & they are always a good seller for me.

I'm kinda torn. I have a big old loom that was given to me. The elderly lady that owned it said she wanted it to go to someone who would use it. I would definitely use it if I had space to set it up. I keep holding onto it thinking someday I will have space. Now I'm thinking maybe I will let it go. I don't know. Guess I'll have to think on it some more.


Calypso came in last weekend & had a seat right on the porch & said "I'm ready for my grooming now!" He's such a cuddle bug.

Well, I'm off now to work on my wool socks that I'm knitting for a gift.


Hiking the NH White Mountains II

Hubby & I went hiking in the White Mountains again. This time we took Champney Brook Trail off the Kankamagus Hwy. It was another beautiful day here in New England. We took a lunch & ate when we reached the falls.

These trees were growing on top of this big rock so their roots were exposed. It looked like something out of a horror movie where the trees come alive.....ha ha.

This section had a lot of roots exposed.

I should have taken pictures of the climb we had to make to get to Champney Falls & Pitcher Falls. It was quite a ways of steep "stairs".

This was Pitcher Falls which was just soooo awesome! It looked like someone just cut the ledge with a knife & spread it apart. You can just see hubby & Sadie on top of a rock at the bottom.

Sadie somehow got up on the rock all by herself but then couldn't get down so she needed a little help.

This is me & Sadie after the hike at a scenic rest area. Isn't she a good lookin' doggie!

And this is part of the view at the scenic rest stop.

Another beautiful day for hike. We had a great time & I can't wait to go again! I'd go every day if I could! I think when I retire I'll move to the White Mountains.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goodbye Oreo

Oreo has been missing for a month and a half now. We've had our speculations about what happened to him. We didn't think he had been struck because he was pretty street smart. He would sit right next to the edge of the road & look up & down for traffic....and when the coast was clear, he would cross. It was funny to watch.

I was across the street at my neighbors a couple of days ago & they asked me about him. I said he's been missing. They noticed that he didn't seem to be so street smart anymore. I had noticed the same but we hadn't found a body. They'd seen big trucks come to a complete stop for him several times. I'd noticed that he would start across the road right in front of a car & just take his sweet time. I guess he'd become too confident.

Last night I was sitting on my porch just starting to look at the new issue of Spin Off magazine when I heard my other neighbor's chickens squawking like something was after them. I looked up & there was a dog trying to get into their pen. I immediately went over to let them know what was happening. We were talking & they asked me about Oreo. I told them he's been missing. A little ways further up our road, a black & white cat was struck. A fellow at a nearby house removed him from the road but didn't know who he belonged to. This happened around the time Oreo disappeared so, I think it's safe to say...... it was Oreo. There is a bit on a knoll in the road there so someone coming along would not have seen him until it was too late.

So, we sadly say "Goodbye" to Oreo.......King rodent catcher (we're talking...in one afternoon....a mouse, a bird, a red squirrel and another mouse!), great sidekick around the yard, loving lap warmer and VERY loud meow-er at 4:00 in the morning.

Goodbye Oreo....little buddy. We'll miss you.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hiking in the New Hampshire White Mountains

Hubby & I went kayaking this past Labor Day weekend & hiking in the White Mountains. We had the most perfect weather & clear skies.......great for viewing the mountains. The two photos below are from Waterfall Loop Trail. There were several very pretty waterfalls along this trail which continually follows up a stream coming down off the mountain.

The photos from the following pics are from Square Ledge AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) Trail. Below is the view from Ladies Lookout. The view is of Pinkham Notch.

Hangover Rock.

We came upon some rock climbers who were just starting to climb Square Ledge so we sat & watched them for a bit which was very interesting.

Then we continued on to the top of the ledge.

This is a view from beside the ledge.

And looking up at the ledge from beside it.

We made it on top!

And........the first rock climber makes it to the top!

And the final reward...........the view from the top of Square Ledge.

And the view (zoomed in) from the road of Square Ledge. We could see the mountain climbers standing on top.

It was a perfect day & we had just the best time. Sadie had probably the most fun of her young life so far. A very happy day!

Next trail!