Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow Storm, Morning Visitor, Crafts

Here's what we woke to this past Monday morning.

It's pretty.......but it's a lot of work!
And I've noticed we've had visitors most every morning lately........
Cleaning up underneath the crab apple tree.

Here is my wool needle punch picture all done & framed. I really enjoyed this little project.

And here's what I've been working on lately.......little baby mittens! Aren't they cute!

Ben & Sadie really like the doggie buiscuts that I made for them. Ben loves them so much that he likes to hang onto his for about an hour so he can tease Sadie 'cause she already ate hers and doesn't have any more.

He just lets it set there for Sadie to see but as soon as anyone comes near he scoops it up & carries it around in his mouth. They're so funny.....

I baked mixed berry pies today....oh my word are they good!!!!!!!!! Luckily my Mom & Dad are coming to visit soon & they'll be bringing my more berries! I'm also trying out the sourdough bread that was in MaryJane's magazine. I'll be baking it in a couple of hours. I can't wait....I hope it comes out good!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bear Dance

This was the email going around at work today. Have a good chuckle.


Monday, February 9, 2009

More Sick Animals

A couple of days ago we had to put flea/tick medicine on both cats & both dogs because Casey, my himalayan was having an allergic skin reaction to something & we thought it might be a flea bite since we found one on him. Well, Sadie, our boxer licked the medicine off Oreo's back. The poor, poor thing......she was horribly sick from about 9:00 pm, all through the night. It slowly subsided after several hours. By about 5:00 am it had subsided. She dry heaved all night after all the food & bile were gone from her stomach. The poor baby. I felt so bad for her. We thought we were going to have to take her to the emergency vets but I called & they said the medicine is not toxic. Then the next day her medicine that was on her back was driving her nuts. SHe couldn't sit still for 3 seconds, she kept trying to dig at it and she was so miserable she was whining.

I'm giving Casey human antihistamine to clear up the skin allergy. It seems to be responding. He doesn't like having a dry pill put down his throat twice a day. He's 12 now & has lost weight so he feels like a little whiffet when I pick him up.

I promised the guys at work that I would make one more of my Rhubarb-Strawberry pies before I left the company. I have to admit, damn I make a good pie! They said I should sell them. Hmmm......they're putting ideas in my head.

I finished the wool needle point project. When I took this picture it reminded me that I have to go back & fill in the places that are kinda thin. The white flecks that showed up in the picture are tell tale signs. I punched most of it in not-so-good light so I need to go over it. I am painting a photo frame to put it in.

While I was Valentine shopping today for hubby, I picked up the current issue (and my first issue) of MaryJane's Magazine. I can't wait to get home to look at it!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Needle Punch with Fine Wool

This past Sunday was our monthly gathering for Saco Valley Fiber Artists. It was held at Janet's house who is a fabulously talented rug hooker (check out her website, Well, she is working on adding something new to her business. They are needle punch kits of her own original designs. And what's even better is she is dyeing fine wool thread to punch with instead of the shiny embroidery floss. I love this idea because first of all, I love Janet's designs and second, I love the matte hand dyed wool colors much better than the shiny embroidery floss. I am so excited because she sent me home with one of her designs that she drew for me while I was there & she had me pick out some colors to punch it with & all she wanted in return was for me to punch it so she could take a picture of it for her site/kits.

I love to needle punch so when I went home I started on it right away. This is 2 nights of working on it. It is so fun, I can't wait to do more of her designs. I also like to draw my own which I haven't done for needle punch yet but I have for rug hooking.

This was the first kit that I ever bought from Attic Heirlooms. I need to frame it or do something with it.

This was a rug hooking pattern that I downsized which I still need to finish punching.

And that is all I've done so far in needle punch.