Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fiber Arts Gathering

A few weekends ago I hosted the monthly gathering for our Saco Valley Fiber Artists Group.

Everyone brings a dish (or drink) to share (like Sangria & wine!) & a project to work on and show off. We always have a great time & it's such fun to see what everyone is working on & what beautiful projects they've finished & brought for show (which I forgot to get pictures of!).

Below, Janet of is working here on a new idea for kits to make a hooked rug tote/purse.

Joyce was knitting socks.

Barb was working on a needle punch project.

Knitting, rug hooking, needle punch, spinning were the projects going on that day.

Our next gather is coming right up soon & I'm really looking forward to it. In fact, I have a few things I'll be showing off! Can't post about them yet though.....but soon!

Sadie was awfully excited for a while with all the people & attention she was getting. She got so excited she had to take a rest in the other room.

I came in the house this morning from doing chores & these two hoodlums were sitting here like this. It was kinda comical. Sadie was sitting right up against the wall. I came in & out of the room a few times & they both never moved so I was able to get a picture. Sadie looked like a little kid who'd been told to sit in their chair for time out & not move. Ben looked like the kid who felt bad for her but didn't know what to do but just wait until she could come play again.


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